Give a Board to a Kid in Need

Give a Board to a Kid in Need

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Want to make a difference in a young kid's life? We are offering an opportunity to purchase a deck or a complete skateboard that will be hand delivered to a kid in need. We are connected with several groups that work with at-risk and underprivileged youth. To many of these kids, skateboarding is the one positive thing keeping them going. 

"When I was a kid, my mom was working full time while raising four kids as a single parent. We were on government assistance and couldn't afford to buy nice things. So getting a brand new skateboard was not an option. I used to go to the local skate shop and get free used decks that their sponsored skaters would ride then leave behind after they would chip or crack it. I was so happy anytime I was able to get one of these used decks, because to me, it was like getting a brand new one. The kids that receive these new decks are always so excited and extremely grateful. It makes such a huge impact in their lives. I truly appreciate the love and support from everyone and for providing us the opportunity to giveback to our community."  -Benjie, owner/CEO, Thrash 'N Raid 

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