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More veterans and service members have committed suicide than died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The U.S. military does an amazing job winning battles overseas because of the well trained and equipped men and women that work together as a team to accomplish their mission. However, on the home front, many veterans and service members feel they are fighting their own war by themselves. There is a lingering stigma in the military that makes people feel they are weak or a burden if they are struggling with mental health issues.

Veterans and service members, you are not alone! Reach out when you are struggling and stay connected and support one another even when you think everything is fine. Together we can help shred the trend on the real pandemic by staying connected and being there for one another. 

Proceeds go towards supporting Six Feet Above's mission to connect and support veterans and service members through skateboarding, so they may increase their resiliency while battling PTS and other mental health issues, while reducing their risk of suicide. 

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