Overdose on Skateboarding

Overdose on Skateboarding

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There is a significantly high rate of substance abuse among veterans and service members.

Veterans may use substances in an attempt to alleviate their PTS and other mental health symptoms. For many, drugs and alcohol serve as a distraction or a way of avoiding intrusive thoughts, memories, or nightmares of a previous trauma. Although this behavior may ease short-term pain and discomfort, over time drug and alcohol use actually intensifies symptoms of PTS. Drug and alcohol use can increase negative feelings and sleeping problems and make it more difficult to work through trauma in treatment.

Skateboarding can help people ditch the negative substances, while reducing stress, boost endorphins and can improve self-esteem and reduce feelings of depression, anger, and tension.

Proceeds go towards supporting Six Feet Above's mission to connect and support veterans and service members through skateboarding, so they may increase their resiliency while battling PTS and other mental health issues, while reducing their risk of suicide. 

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